Handmade Briar Pipes

Spring 2014

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything to my workbench section so I thought I’d post some photos of pipes in the works for the Midwest Pipe Maker’s Meet-up at Smoker’s Haven and the upcoming Chicago Pipe Show.  Enjoy.







September 2012 Pipe in Progress

At the NASPC Pipe Show this year, I received a request to make a pipe.  It was the type of commission request I really like because the parameters where pretty vague.  He showed me a few of his pipes to give me an idea of what he liked in a pipe and told me he… Continue Reading

December 2011

Here’s what’s lined up for December. Bent Dublin: Bent Poker: Bent Dublin: Bent Bulldog: A Danish styled Apple: A Bent Apple: Bent Billiard: Another Dublin:… Continue Reading

November 2011

Here’s what’s in the works this month: These are all drilled and rough shaped. The bottom left hand bent billiard is nearly complete. The only thing left is to stamp and give it a final buff then snap some photos. I ended up sandblasting it and giving it a Cumberland stem with matching stain. I… Continue Reading

May 2011

I recently received a request to make a pipe similar to Tom Eltang’s Tubos with the calabash-esque air chamber. Aesthetically speaking, the style isn’t quite my style but I’m deeply intrigued by the inner engineering concepts. With that in mind I decided to put together my take on the design and with a prototype completed… Continue Reading

October 2010

1/4 Bent Billiard This 1/4 bent billiard is going to be sandblasted tomorrow. It has a silver band and a cumberland stem. It has nice straight grain but as you can see it just has too many tiny sandpits to keep smooth. I think it will make an outstanding blast…. Continue Reading

September 2010

How is a raven like a writing desk? Here’s a design I’m working on now: I call this one “The Mad Hatter.” It’s whimsical design and almost nonsensical feel reminds me of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. It’s also quite a departure for me from my tendencies toward more traditional shapes. I’ve got… Continue Reading

Repairs and Refurbs

It’s seems I’m getting more and more pipe repair requests lately so I thought I would post some of my work here. I have very little experience doing this kind of work so I really appreciate the fellas that have entrusted their pipes to me. I really enjoy the work and am learning a lot…. Continue Reading

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August 2008

This is a straight bulldog I’m working on as a commission. It’s in pretty rough form now but is going pretty well. The drilling couldn’t have gone better. Here’s the airway hole dead center in the bottom of the chamber: This Dublin is either going to be a straight Dublin or a Zulu. I haven’t… Continue Reading