Handmade Briar Pipes

November 2011

Here’s what’s in the works this month:

These are all drilled and rough shaped. The bottom left hand bent billiard is nearly complete. The only thing left is to stamp and give it a final buff then snap some photos. I ended up sandblasting it and giving it a Cumberland stem with matching stain. I used a bit different staining technique on this one and am real happy with the results. The stain matches the Cumberland perfectly. Stay tuned for it’s availability. The bamboo cutty is nearly complete. I’m hoping to finish it up and post it for sale by the end of the day. The Danish style Dublin needs a stem and then sandblasted and stained, etc. The two Dublin-esque cherrywoods have antler shank rings and ebonite stems. One has a plateaux rim and the other smooth. They still need a good deal of refining but they are getting close. The brandy at the bottom middle and the apple on the bottom right are rough shaped with antler shank rings and ebonite stems. I expect these both to turn out quite nice and so far are looking to be smooth finishes. I’m sitting on the volcano a bit. I’m not crazy about the stoutness of it. I much prefer the more slender volcano styles. I’m waiting for the pipe to give me some direction and inspiration.

Here’s where they are after some rough shaping:

I’m redoing the stem on this one.

Still need to make a stem for this Danish style Dublin. I decided to get a little fancy around the mortise with a bullseye effect using ebonite and white acrylic. I still have a good bit of shaping to do. I’m hoping for a smooth but it’s looking like a sandblast.

This bent billiard has some nice grain and looks like it may be a smooth finish. The shank ring is antler and the stem is ebonite.

This bent dublinesque poker is getting close. The shank ring is American Holly. I’ve decided it needs a shorter stem.

This volcano needs a lot of work. I haven’t decided which direction it wants to take.

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