Handmade Briar Pipes

Repairs and Refurbs

It’s seems I’m getting more and more pipe repair requests lately so I thought I would post some of my work here. I have very little experience doing this kind of work so I really appreciate the fellas that have entrusted their pipes to me. I really enjoy the work and am learning a lot. Here’s a couple handmade replacement stems I’ve done:

This Ser Jacopo R1 Bell Shape had this replacement stem that had a tenon that was way too loose…


This Comoy Everyman lovat was purchased on ebay with the tenon broken off in the mortise. The replacement stem is handcarved from absylux and is a pretty close facsimile of the original.

Here’s an old Dunhill Shell in the prince shape. The original stem shown is oxidized beyond repair and it has been bitten through on the underside of the bit. I hand carved a replacement replica out of lucite.

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